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SAI SANDSTONE  Wall Cladding Adds Elegance to Your Home.


The stone used in the cladding system bears less weight and hence is easy to install. It saves both time and money. The stone cladding installation offers low maintenance and durable stone veneers.


Why should one make use of SAI SANDSTONE  Cladding Products?


It is very beneficial to use natural stone cladding system in any construction. SAI SANDSTONE cladding offers lighter weight stones which are used for wall cladding. The SAI SANDSTONE stones are all weather resistant and save on renovation costs. It provides low maintenance costs to its owners.


The SAI SANDSTONE wall cladding is very durable and steady. They are even resistant to fire and pollution making the cladding prices immaterial in the long run. It is worth the purchase. The SAI SANDSTONE stone cladding on walls provide beautiful finishing to the interior and exterior of the building.

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